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An intellectual experience course, project, book, discussion, paper, poetry, or research topic in engineering, mathematics, science or other modes of inquiry that has meant the most to you. The mission of Harvard College is to educate our students to be citizens and citizen-leaders for society. What would you do to contribute to the lives of your classmates in advancing this mission? Each year a substantial number of students admitted to Harvard defer their admission for one year or take time off during college.

If you decided in the future to choose either option, what would you like to do? Harvard has long recognized the importance of student body diversity of all kinds. We welcome you to write about distinctive aspects of your background, personal development or the intellectual interests you might bring to your Harvard classmates. The goal here is to write about something that not everyone has experienced , focusing particularly on how these circumstances have influenced or shaped you as an individual.

Be specific about how these events have changed you or helped you grow, and include examples or anecdotes to illustrate these points. Even if you write an essay about a sad or hurtful experience, try to end on a positive note. If you want to write this essay but are having trouble thinking or selecting a topic, think of these questions:. The stories and anecdotes that you think of are good ones to either write about or further explore.

This essay should ultimately reflect your strength, optimism, and ability to grow from adversity. If you choose this topic, try to avoid generic information about yourself. Maybe you want your roommate to know not only some of your key characteristics or personality traits, but also some stories about where they originated.

How to Write the Harvard Supplemental Essays

This is also an appropriate place to use some humor, like mentioning an unusual fear or interesting quirk. A balanced, honest portrayal of yourself will work best. Alternatively, you could focus on an intellectual experience that took you outside of your comfort zone.

Perhaps this experience helped you discover a new interest, and taught you not to limit yourself academically. A foolproof way of writing this essay would be to begin with an extended anecdote or story — likely a flashback — that serves as a cold hook. You can begin with a:. Remember to be specific and connect the essay to your growth as a person and student.

In short, you should talk in-depth about what you would like to do or achieve for yourself and for society after college, and how Harvard, in particular, can help you do so. To quickly find your growth points, create a list of the books you read. Next to the title, write what you learned. This will help you create a narrative and outline for your essay. Your list should look like this:.

In the end, of course, this will be a time when you chose to act with honesty and integrity, even if this was the more difficult path. This topic is typically viewed as one of the more challenging options, but it can be a good choice if you have a passion for leadership. This is another advanced essay.

How to Write the Harvard University Application Essays

Get to the heart of your choice. If you decide to go this route, make sure you choose a topic that says something important about you. The Harvard Supplement gives you another opportunity to showcase your personality, intellect, and potential to contribute at Harvard University. No matter what you write, be sure that your essay is specific and descriptive. It should reveal information about you and your personal growth, and it should show Harvard University why you would be a great addition to their campus.

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Sign up for the The Admissions Strategist newsletter to get the latest information on college and career success. Write amazing essays and solve your worries. The Admissions Strategist. January 22, Harvard Supplement Overview The Harvard Supplement consists of an optional essay and two required questions. So do you actually need to write that optional essay? Instead, we recommend writing around words. If you were captain of the soccer team, write about another activity or project that demonstrates your leadership skills, go-getter attitude, and work ethic.

Voluntary job shadowing Research into a particular job, etc Forming and testing your own thesis Examples include: Earning a Google Ads certificate Working to hone and leverage your professional transferable skills Learning a language through an online course or program Testing the effects of nicotine on microscopic organisms Building a game or app These are all items you can list for this question.

No matter which topic you choose, remember the following: Try to keep your essay around words. Use vivid details and specific examples to support your points. Write in your own authentic voice. Help admissions officers get to know you and how you will contribute to the school culture.

The Secret to a Stellar College Application Essay - Harvard Grad Tips

Revise, edit, and let several others peer review your essay before submitting. Maybe you grew up with eight siblings, or your family spent a year traveling the country in an RV. Perhaps your family fled a war-torn country Did you endure a significant sickness that added a disability to your life? If you want to write this essay but are having trouble thinking or selecting a topic, think of these questions: Which story or event in my life lead to undue hardship? Name a time you struggled and had to reflect on your character to solve the problem.

What significance personality or values change have I undergone, and what sparked it?

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In what ways are you more open now? What have you learned about culture, food, people, architecture, the environment, etc.? How has that influenced you, your decisions, or your future career path? Future Roommate Essay What you would want your future college roommate to know about you If you choose this topic, try to avoid generic information about yourself. However, at EliteEssayWriters, we constantly advise all scholars not to ignore this opportunity.

Harvard University 12222-20 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

We go on and remind them that this is the best place to showcase their interesting characters. A number of bright students across the globe want to attend the university to eventually realize their dreams. However, with the increasing number of applications and low acceptance rates, joining the class of is now harder than before. A huge component while applying to any college is your essay. This paper gives the admission officers a closer look into your life other than just going through your resume.

In some schools, the Common Application essays are the only opportunity for the student to talk about themselves. However, a good number of elite schools include a supplementary section. Here, they simply ask for more insights into your life. Once you choose the right prompt or topic, be creative as you share your story. The open-ended and optional nature of the supplementary section is quite frustrating to students.

Apart from this, your paper should be at least one page long, use Time New Roman, maintain a point font size and single space all your lines. It needs to be substantially different from your normal essay when it comes to its personality traits, content, style or tone and properly developed. Basically, it should bring something new to improve your entire application. Here, showcase your character in an unexpected way such as writing about your love for charity.

In any case, it should use your passions and interesting as the best tool that reflects your community involvement in a unique way.

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Another example of a perfectly written essay is if your activities list only has leadership positions. In such a case, you can illuminate your supplementary paper in a way that humanizes yourself to all your readers. Basically, as a student, to distinguish yourself, always make use of optional or supplementary essays. This is just the best means of giving the admission officials an authentic and well-rounded picture of what defines you. Also use this chance to mention your new attributes, different from those mentioned in the common application paper.

Talk about yourself - Remember that the main point of this paper is to emphasize on your entire college application. Make it clear - The University only looks for a student who can meet their specific applications and still play a critical part in building the culture of the school. Among the largest priorities of the college is to encourage future innovators and leaders to change the state of life. It teaches them to be driven and focused so as to take on the rapidly changing world.