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This is the the basic drop down that you explained in your post above. Thank you, from a total Thesis beginner who has always wanted drop down categories!!! Rick — you would use the following CSS, possibly in conjuction with the nav reset in the post. I have a problem under IE6, the drop down menu fades away before I could click anything. How to solve this issue? Thanks in advance. There seems to be a little space between the main nav menu item and the dropdown menu items.

How To Add Custom Links to Your Thesis Nav Menu

I wonder if there is a way to get rid of that small 1px gap. Like I said in the post, there are usability questions with this, IE is one of them. I am going to hack the menu a little bit. So cool! Hey… this might just solve the issue for IE! A boy can dream! See forum thread here. Miron, yourmethod is not working with me : But I managed to implement the method from Stu Nicholls and it works fine under IE6.

If anyone is interested I can post it here. The new 1. Thanks so much; this worked really well for me first time — except for one small thing which I wondered if you had an idea on.

The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Thesis Full-Width Framework

The pages that are child pages of my home static page, are not showing up as drop down but rather coming up on main nav bar which makes my nav bar go to two lines. Is the static home page not a good one to add child pages too. The rest have come up as hoped. Kaz, when you set a page as a static homepage WordPress takes it out of the normal flow, to a certain extent. Everytime I can get it to work it moves all the way to the top. I am sorry I was not clearer, yes the code Yvonh posted is what I have been using for moving my nav bar.

I can not getthis script for the IE hack to work.

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Only way I can get it to work is by putting this in my cust-func. If not you need them for the first part to work. So maybe you can clean me up. This is the one that works on my local test sie with Official 1. It works, but I can not get it moved to below. My live site is not the official release yet. Have a look at this Tizag PHP tutorial on strings to get a better idea of what single and double quote marks do. Correct me if I am wrong but the real drop down comes down to css, No?

That script is just suppose to make the hover work in IE.

Thesis theme custom nav menu : Writing a apa paper

Works like a champ in FF. I tried your edits, and it is the same results, nav bar goes to the top. What I am really wondering is IE stopping the hover and click because it is going into the content area, because it drops it, and shows, but no mouse over. FF allows. So I think I will have to abandon this for now, taking a lot of time, and hate to clutter your thread with this. I appreciate all the help though. In IE6 there was a problem with the CSS in that they only allow :hover on anchor elements links , but they could do a javascript hover function fine.

I found a few syntax mismatches in the later javascript stuff that could have been causing things later in the file not to work as well. Are you actually trying to achieve a sub-nav that is always open when pages belonging to it are open, rather than a hover dropdown? Then you would need to copy the source code from that navigation example, replace the menu items with your own and wrap it in a function that can be inserted into Thesis:. Note that the only real different between that menu and the one I've presented is some hackery to get it to work in IE.

The technique I've used in this post works in IE some of the time. I think it might have to do with whether the navigation is in a containing div or not. Thanks for that info. If I do this, will the navigation no longer update automatically when pages are added via WordPress? Hi Kristarella thank you for your awsome tutorials.

I am wondering how to link to categories and subcategories in the nav bar. I found this code in Snipplr.

Center Nav Bar Thesis Theme

Actually now i managed to get the categories working, but i need the subcategories to dropdown. See the code here. Oh okay, I thought it would be useful to see the whole thread because there was some stuff about sub-sub-categories as well.

Customizing the Navigation Menu

Then in custom. They are ordred alphabetically. Robert — Yep, you can change lots of things about that function. Check out the full reference in the codex. Thank you i will try to sort them by ID, because i want them to be sorted by the time i added them. Regarding the IE problems I have come up with a solution that has worked nicely in testing so far.

Use the following javascript instead of that in the post. It wraps the inside of the li including the ul with a span, which IE recognises as going around the whole thing and then the dropdown hover effect is on the span instead of the list item. Thanks for the great tutorial. Would you mind taking a look? Great stuff Kristarella. I saw your tweet about campfernwood.

Thanks again! Thanks Kristarella!

Make the Thesis Nav Menu Stretch the Full Width of the Page – Part 2

Sorry I misspelled your name before!! I might take the javascript out so that I can still have the site up and running while trying to figure this out. LaTonya — Is the code in the comment encoded properly? It looks like there is a lot missing. I would suggest starting from scratch and going through the tutorial again. Hi Kristarella: Yeah, I actually submitted 2 comments. The first I tried to encode using your encode link, but that one never showed up.

For the second comment I sent, I just copied and pasted the code in, but it seems like much of it was removed. I read your commenting policy, so instead of reposting, I was just waiting for my first comment to show up in case it was being held for moderation or something like that. I really appreciate your quick response on this.

Not sure how to add the link here, so just pasted the text. LaTonya — Okay, thanks for explaining that.

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  8. I guess if you see the way the code came out you might understand why :-S. The only problem is that you have pasted the function inside the example function.

    Removing the border and moving the menu

    If you take a look at the pastebin, I have edited it and it should work now or at least not give an error. Then I noticed there was a mix of curly and straight quotes in the last line of the code, so I changed those to all straight quotes and the site came back up without an error. I have a Pages widget in the sidebar and internal links on each page, so this will do for now. It is a genuinely horrible browser.

    Good work Jason and everyone customising their nav! It makes such a big difference and unless you design your header to go with the default nav, no custom header looks complete without a custom nav. I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a great tutorial! My site is really only half done but your tutorial made it feel so much closer to completion! Kristarella, thank you for the very thorough coverage of this issue.

    Part of the issue is that there are so many versions and modification. Is there a way that you can make a summary comment with the final code and step-by-step instructions? Leo — it depends what you are trying to achieve. This post has info about general nav bar structure, styling the nav bar, making a CSS only dropdown or a javascript dropdown. I can see why you might be confused, but any summary from me will only useful if I know what you want to do. Kristarella: thank you for the reply, I really got confused by the complexity of the article and the thread form.

    I too the time to test each step and after getting myself in trouble a few times, ang getting out of it, I made it work I am still not sure how it happened.