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Such music would suggest a critical materialist sound — a sound world outside of consciousness rather than a sound world fully endowed with consciousness, thus placing the listener in a space where they are required to rethink their personhood within a larger domain of life. Everything becomes what it is in memory and in expectation through its physical contiguity with its neighbor and its mental connection with what is distant from it. A critical materialism has as its basis resistance and difficulty.

Material resistance comes into play when the object cannot be reduced to a conceptual, linguistic or practical determination of the subject. In current music compositional trends there is little space for a speculative composing, an unfortunate disposition that began in the late s, when the utopian attitude of serialism and experimentalism became reduced to its sonic effects a Texturklang music that prioritises the ontology of sound over its possible relations.

Huber with an exorcising of any subject position in music through an impersonal production of sounds, where the resulting music has a monolithic object-status and the listener is often rendered passive. Critical materialism—and the resistance and difficulty that accompanies it—is important for speculation to manifest itself. Mental ears are thus evolutionary by retroflex recognizance, from the outcomes of experiment back to the experimental matrix itself and its shifting points of origin.

Mental ears will hear in older sounds the then new sounds of making and marking a track into forward space: a future in the past. The composer Bernd Alois Zimmermann has proposed the term Kugelgestalt der Zeit spherical form of time for such a transworld orientation, where an abrupt shift in scales for the listening experience can have the result of presenting the idea of totality as unattainable and implying something much larger of which all subjects and discourses are interpenetrative parts. The sonic resonances of history are often suppressed and de-valued in the face of that which can be re-seen.

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But light travels faster than sound, meaning that the sonic resonances that still linger often tell far more about a history, people and their environments than the images that return to memorialise them. The noise that is a product of materiality becomes potentially significant: sense-generating engagements with sound can happen, from which the particularity of the sounding event resists the generalising logic of exchange value. Such music is not a question of reproducing or inventing forms, but of harnessing forces.

What matters is what happens between gestures, between sounds, where t he direction of energy is always outward and physical towards perceptions rather than ideas. Metre and rhythm in music create a rhythmic grid that can become aggressively irregular, placing intense pressure on the sounds in order to produce a tortured syntax and an intense compression of energy. The consistence of iterative impulses serves primarily to set off the limits, operative boundaries between one such space and another.

Expressions of ratio relationships and proportionally-related structures are, in essence, expressed by means of different categories of perceptual mechanism. Any discontinuous transition can occur when a system has more than one stable state, or can diverge and follow more than one stable pathway of change Example 4. In my Die Geisterinsel , this late-classical musical style of Zumsteeg, its formal structures, harmonic language, etc.

By quoting expressionist musical gestures rather than building upon a psychologically rooted expressionism, the music could be regarded as a documentary about expressionism, where expression is mediated through the lyric in music subjected to a stringent formal rigour, accompanied by the often delicate balance between extreme organisation and unfocused chaos.

Because it speaks to, rather than through, consciousness, poetic thinking is the ethical capability to simultaneously let-be and bring-forth with regard to being. In this way, too, poems are en route : they are headed toward. Toward what? Toward something open, inhabitable, an approachable you, perhaps, an approachable reality.

Everything, each human being is, for the poem heading toward this other.

The Concept of Monophyly: A Speculative Essay

In this sense, Miranda becomes fully aware of her potential—as poetic discourse—for propelling and allowing action. The last third of Mirandas Atemwende , tableaus nine through twelve, focuses on Caliban.

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Tableaus nine and ten, in particular, reference a part from Mouvement —vor der Erstarrung by Lachenmann. In working with expressionism as a way to let the material express itself, but without psychologising, is to renew the idea of the lyric in contemporary music that becomes in my music fractured, damaged, multi-perspective, complex and problematised in order to negotiate the complexities of the surrounding world.

At the same time, Miranda displays her new world of singing, which, nestled in these sounds, frequently coalesces with them. In contrast, confronted with the effects of nature on her inner life, the dramatic voice in Erwartung claims to be the lone shaper of her own expression where the sounds of the orchestra respond in turn to her inner psychological state.

Notes: Godwin, Joscelyn.


Music and the Occult: French Musical Philosophies Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. Late Modernist Poetics from Pound to Prynne. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Bach and the Meanings of Counterpoint. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Contemporary Music Review. Send us feedback. You'll know the difference if you give it the old college essay. See more words from the same century. See the full definition for essay in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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    It is "the moving cause of all action" and "the foundation of all righteousness.

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