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The reporter reveals the struggle doctors are now facing. Overview : An examination of the relationship between a man with severe disabilities and a woman who claimed she could communicate for him. Overview : This article tells the story of a mother and son navigating the challenges of treating autism.

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In this article, students with disabilities discuss basic accessibility issues they say the community is not fixing. Overview : In this story, David Perry examines a pattern of violence against people with disabilities and the underlying social issues, as in the case of Eric Garner in New York. The story raised questions about the federal law that permitted the men to be underpaid for doing the same work as their non-disabled colleagues, explained how regulators effectively sanctioned the exploitation and detailed the squalid living conditions and mistreatment the men endured.

Overview : This series won second place for painting an intimate portrait of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. As common as autism, the disability is widely misunderstood and underdiagnosed in the U. Despite payouts from One Fund Boston, many victims still face a long, hard road to recovery. Through patient stories and exclusive data reporting, this online series exposes a broken health care system. Their marriage stands out not just because they have stayed together for so long but because federal and state assistance programs effectively discourage people with disabilities from marrying.

Despite greater civil rights for Americans with disabilities, lingering misunderstandings and stereotypes and a lack of education can still trigger tragic endings. The following entries for the Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability all earned points from judges for the quality of reporting on disability issues. Sonne established the company in the belief that workers with autism could be the best person for certain roles. Campus Technology looks at three key elements of a more proactive approach to accessibility on campus. We are now accepting online submissions via Submittable!

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Click the button below to visit our Submittable page. By June, the weather is already so sweltering, the very concept of summer feels oppressive. As I park beneath a giant walnut tree at Abington Friends School and walk Gus and Grace across the parking lot for the last time as second graders, the mixture of sadness and happiness that accompanies every end and beginning of the school year as a parent engulfs me.

I breathe in the soupy air and count. Based on the estimated start date Detective Brody gave me, I will start the Philadelphia Police Academy in ten weeks….

Governor Russell Peterson: Loyal to Future Generations

Orsini admonished. What did she mean by that? I stared, both fascinated and repelled, at Mrs. She was married to a podiatrist, she had told us girls. Why would anyone choose that field? What induced her to marry such a man? I am a person who has one.

Governor Russell Peterson: Loyal to Future Generations

It was an accident — the accident of a drunk with a truck. It was a Code 4 emergency, which means my life was threatened.

Our judges will then use this rubric for selecting winners to publish on The Learning Network. So what issue do you care about? College access? Lowering the voting age?

The role of social media in our lives? Good luck, and please post any questions you might have in the comments, or write to us at LNFeedback nytimes. Use at least one Times source.

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You can write your editorial about any topic you like, as long as you use at least one source from The Times. That should pretty much open the whole world to you, as The Times publishes hundreds of articles a week on topics like politics and pop culture , sports and science , food and fashion , travel and technology. But please know that nytimes.

The Times also offers K digital subscription plans for schools.

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But all Learning Network activities for students, including our daily writing prompts , as well as all the Times articles linked from them, are free, so you can access them without exceeding the five-article limit. Many public libraries also offer free access to The Times online. Use at least one non-Times source. But make sure that the source you use is a reliable one.

We encourage you to find sources that offer different perspectives on an issue. Always cite your sources. Our submission form contains a required field for entering your citations. We include an example as well, though you can use M. Even if you use a print source or an expert interview, you must provide a citation.

Readers and judges should always be able to tell where you got your evidence. However, there is no need to provide an in-text citation. Be concise. The editorial must not exceed words.