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Download PDF. Editorial First Online: 14 May Mind the Gap! Compliance with Ethical Standards Conflict of interest The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest. Ethical Approval This article does not contain any studies with human participants or animals performed by any of the authors. Bowie, N. International business as a possible civilizing force in a cosmopolitan world. Google Scholar. Brenkert, G.

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Mind the gap! The challenges and limits of Global business ethics. Gaventa, J.

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Moderation as a moral competence: Integrating perspectives for a better understanding of temperance in the workplace. Sison, A.

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Personalised recommendations. Cite article How to cite? However, just bringing together more than one person brings about some level diversity. Certainly, that is not enough in most cases, but we need to recognize the challenges both in creating unity and honoring difference. I believe that we need to approach our colleagues by striving to find our similarities as well as our differences.

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In my example, we ground our values in a particular educational theory. An ethical dilemma is one where your values are in conflict. For example, a company may have to decide whether to close a manufacturing plant. The plant is costing a lot of money, but perhaps the company made a commitment to the community that they would stay for five years. Should they leave early or lose money? What alternatives do they have? Sometimes ethical inquiry uncovers a third alternative. They need to figure out the impact of each alternative on each stakeholder group to whom they owe some responsibility.

The company might legally be able to turn its back on the community, but that may negatively impact the company later in unforeseen ways. Are there core principles the company can use as part of its decision-making? What kinds of rewards do companies reap when they maintain these strong business ethics? Stakeholders now and in the future will judge you because of your decisions.

Earlier this year, Starbucks made a decision to employ 10, refugees around the world. If given the choice, people might buy Starbucks coffee because of it.

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Similarly, Airbnb posted that they are committed to giving refugees housing who were stranded outside of U. People then tweeted that they love Airbnb, and some consumers might stay at Airbnb because of it. Taxi drivers said they would not service JFK airport for an hour because of the immigration ban. Uber then said it would service JFK, but would remove surge pricing. Uber thought it was helping, but everyone protested and starting deleting the Uber app for stepping in on the rights of the taxi drivers.

In what ways do you think a values-based recognition program can help reinforce ethical behavior and improve relations between employers and employees? Individuals are made up of a variety of motivations, but at our core we enjoy contributing to others because of our shared sense of humanity. It makes us feel respected when our contributions are honored and recognized.

We spend a lot our time blind to both ethical and unethical behavior. I think today we often recognize those things that are not OK in our world, and we equally need to recognize and honor those things that are really beautiful. April 10, Sarah Payne. Read her full interview below.

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