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Women and the Family in Chinese History

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The one child policy meant that it was forbidden by law for couples to have more than one child. If they did have more than one child, they would be punished, except if the first birth in the family were twins.

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The punishment was that they had to pay a social compensation fee based on the yearly income of the couple. Besides having to pay a social compensation fee the cou- ples could possibly lose their property or jobs and have difficulties in obtaining governmen- tal assistance. Couples who obeyed the Policy were rewarded: better schooling and em- ployment, higher pay, preferential treatment by the government.

All Chinese couples were subject to the one child policy, except the couples of Chinese ethnic minority. For exam- ples the Tibetans minority. Population and family planning commissions existed to check and register of couples would obey the One Child Policy. Later on, the one child policy became less strict for some Chinese citizens.

In certain cases, couples would be allowed to have a second child, if the first child was a girl. Also, if the first child was mentally or physically disabled, couples were allowed to have a second child.

But usually, the couples had to wait for three to four years after the birth of the first child to have the second child. The one child policy was introduced in , because the government was concerned that the population growth was becoming a great social and economic problem. China was poor, and mostly an agricultural nation, who had not enough resources to feed the fast growing population.

The population increase was caused by Chairman Mao Zedong as he had encouraged Chinese couples to haven as many children as possible. Mao believed that high population made the country stronger. The population needed to be kept in check as there would oth- erwise be too much people, and too little resources.

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  7. Another advantage of the policy was that there was a better health service, especially for pregnant women. According to your organization the main issues involved are overpopulation, increase in unemployment rate, negative economic impact and amnesty.

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    As an American citizen I understand and respect your concerns. Prior to my research…. This social setting constantly obstructs the incoming generation of immigrant families who leave their homelands only to encounter a society unconcerned with their fate. Emigration facilitates the formation…. Heritage Although none of my living family members have any memories of immigrating to the United States, both sides of my family have some record of immigration to the United States. Most of my relatives come from Germany and immigrated to the United States a long time ago. With the possible exception of my great-great-great-grandmother Annie, all my family members would be defined as white today.

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    Sanchez incarcerated or deported for a sixth time. Cases familiar to Mr.

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    8. Immigration seems to be a popular topic of conversations among the American population today. Immigration has influenced our school systems, environment, language, culture, and political parties. Although immigration gets the wrap of a burden in our society, I feel as if it is a positive thing. With this being said, I do not believe that there should be NO restrictions as to who can enter our country wanting to live, work or study, but rather the following; there should be no restriction for those….

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