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During the first semester the emphasis is on fixed form poetry and its creators. Workshopping and revision of original written works are emphasized and frequent recitations enhance presentation skills.

By the end of the semester students will be writing sonnets, odes pantoums, ghazals, ballads, triolets, sestinas, and villanelles. The student moves on to free verse and the ideas and imagination which have been bubbling up burst into full bloom. Building upon the fundamentals covered in the first semester, the emphasis now is on the study and analysis of free form verse.

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The students are encouraged through lecture and exercises to roam unfettered through acknowledged expert writing and to write in as many innovative and creative directions as they can conceive. They are also involved in public readings of their works. During the second year of the program or second level the student plunges into fiction, fairy tales, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, children's and young adult literature, magazine writing, journalism, etc.

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This intermediate course emphasizes the study and creation of fiction in short story form, fairy tales, children's and young adult literature. Frequent writing exercises allow the students to perfect their voice and their style. Frequent workshopping and presentations enhance their communication skills. In this course the evolving nature of student writing development allows for exploration of the more commercial forms of writing, including non-fiction, creative non-fiction, magazine article writing, travel writing, theatrical and film review.

While striving to master all of these styles of writing, presentation skills are also highlighted with in-class delivery of finished pieces and public readings at assorted venues.

Open only to upper level students who wish to immerse themselves into art, history, art history, fashion, politics, philosophy, and accomplish cultural literacy. This is a wide ranging course that explores all manner of subjects and aims at achieving what E.

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Hirsh termed Core Knowledge. This advanced course concentrates on an in-depth study of the form, structure, and history of playwriting. Readings in the basic canon of classical and contemporary drama prepare the students for the creation of literary product capable of being staged.

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Emphasis is placed on the art of communication of ideas through dialogue, setting, and plot. Frequent readings in class of written material along with daily exercises in the writing of specific outlines and scenes lead to the eventual creation of full-length plays.

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Some of these plays are read publicly and have been staged and performed. Having learned the basics of playwriting, the craft of screenplays is now studied with the focus placed on worthy subjects, complete story creation, and taut dialogue. Essential tools of the medium are taught along with formatting and audience consideration. Television writing is also studied and by the end of the semester screenplays and teleplays are completed.

Public readings and table readings provide the experience needed to ascertain project viability. Throughout the course, students are required to keep reflective journals that document their awareness ofthe process of writing, revising, and editing. They will be responsible for producing final drafts in genre study, one working portfolio, one showcase portfolio, and at least one submission to the class publication to be distributed to the community through the sale of monthly issues and subscriptions.

This elective course is founded in the research of current classes and methods of teaching immersion, workshops, and writing in secondary education.

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It offers students the opportunity to explore unfamiliar genres through reading and writing, and it provides them with a creative forum in which they can be published in an authentic achievement. Other English Language and Literature Commons. Advanced Search.

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