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Register now and get access to your personal control panel. A feminist criticism essay is usually a careful analysis of the feminist issues, represented in the book, which are basically concerned with the images of the female characters and their role in the narration. There are a number of standard aspects you can focus on, while exploring the view of the author on women, expressed in his work. First of all, prepare sketches of the female characters. For this you need to single out all the information the narrator gives us about them — their background, childhood, sexuality, work, and outlook on the world.

Feminism Definition

The better you get to know the characters, the easier it will be to draw conclusions about them. The second step would be to compare and contrast these female heroines to their male counterparts. Their opposition is of vital importance for feminist criticism.

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While contrasting them, it is recommended to take into account the historical period of time, depicted in the book, and decide whether the relationship, shown between the male and female characters, was typical for that time or not, and, probably, indicate the reasons for this. What is more, it can help you learn the views of the writer on the ideal situation with women, as it can give you a key to understanding the female characters.

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  6. It is also advisable to analyse the conversations between men and women, their attitude to each other and their overall role in the book. Make sure you examine the views that men and women in the book express concerning females. All in all, the more detailed and argumentative your essay is, the better impression it will produce on the readers. Therefore, examine various aspects and questions, since it will help you get a complete picture of the piece.

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    These terms are called jargon. And eventually was killed by her sceptic husband. Feminist Critique of the Character Desdemona in Othello. Women during Elizabethan age are assumed to have spent their lives in the service of men - prearranged marriages, child rearing, and their role as sexual objects. Shakespeare on the other hand has portrayed women as both object and subject. Though women were treated as subordinate, they were not allowed to raise their voice but there were women who despite the oppression, patriarchy and male dominance were able to raise their voice for their rights.

    Desdemona is one such character in Othello. She transgressed the traditional boundaries made around women to imprison them. She defied to be enchained in those bondages.

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    She raised her voices with all respect, laid her case in front of her father and decided to stand beside her husband. Though she was a woman of strength but could not escape the male dominance. Shakespeare has highlighted both the norms and expectations of the society and the behaviour and attitude of women towards these norms. The character of Desdemona will be analysed from the perspective of feminism.

    Feminist Criticism (1960s-present)

    Feminism is a movement that challenges the patriarchy and stereotype attached to women gender. The basis of feminism both in literature and society, is that the western world is particularly patriarchal that is created by men, ruled by men, viewed through the eyes of men and judged by men. The feminist approach is based on finding and exposing suggestions of misogyny the negative attitudes towards women in literature. They are interested in exposing the undervaluing of women in literature as the norm both by men and women.

    Feminists believe that literature reflects masculine bias and represents an inaccurate and potentially harmful image of women.

    History of literary Feminism

    According to a critic,. So they must depend on men and should not disobey or transgress their decisions. Women are not given an equal status as that of man. The denial of freedom and right to take decisions of their lives are the real causes of many tragedies in the life of woman. According to critics this shaped the characterization of his tragic heroine Desdemona.

    Desdemona is one of those characters who is powerful, strong and whose exercise of her rights caused her doom. As Lisa Jardine says,. When she tried to take action against it, it resulted in her death. Desdemona is regarded as an independent, headstrong and determined to live her life as she wanted. Shehad no qualms about going against her father to marry a Moor in a time when racial prejudice was a norm. She describes shrew as a classical disruptive woman, an alert and emancipated woman.

    Desdemona falls under this category because she stands up to her father. He is against her marrying Othello but she loves him and wishes to to war with him. The use of last sentence shows her resistance and a stubborn nature. Instead of asking politely, she ordered him.

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    In the Elizabethan age women were expected to run their household and so had to be competent in that regard. But openly confident women were frowned upon.. The Jardine herself says,. They have included a summary of each essay, a glossary of unfamiliar terms, new suggestions for further reading and an updated introduction, mapping the field of feminist critical theory.

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